Corn Fritter Stack: $18.5
Ricotta cheese corn fritter stack with smoked salmon, baby spinach and walnuts

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Stack: $17.9
Tasmanian salmon, baby spinach, avocado, two free-range poached eggs on organic seeded rye bread.

Vegetarian Delight (v d) $15.9
Button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach tossed with olive oil served on organic seeded rye bread and avocado
- with two free-range poached eggs $20.7

Mexican Chipotle Eggs Benedict (g) $17.9
Sweet potato rosti topped with baby spinach guacamole and two free-range poached eggs topped with chipotle hollandaise.

Shakshuka with fetta $17.9
Two free-range eggs baked in Middle Eastern spiced tomato, red pepper and spinach sauce topped with fetta crumble and toasted organic sourdough bread.

Chicken Breast Schnitzel Eggs Benedict $17.9
Two free-range poached eggs on a chicken schnitzel, spinach and avocado smothered with hollandaise sauce.

Granola and Fresh Fruit Crunchy $14.9
Home-made fruit, nuts, seeds and coconut granola and fresh fruit topped with honey yoghurt.

Tanja's Breakfast Wrap: $16.9
Scrambled Eggs, 2 rashers bacon, spinach and cheese, on a silky wrap with hash browns and grilled tomato.

Country Style Breakfast: $20.5
Premium lean bacon, potato hash, grilled tomato, Kransky sausage and two free-range eggs on organic sourdough bread

Eggs Benedict:
Lightly grilled organic sourdough topped with free-range poached eggs and smothered in hollandaise sauce
with ham $17.9
bacon $18.5
smoked salmon $18.9

Keep it Simple: $14.9
Premium lean bacon, two free-range eggs poached, scrambled or fried with grilled tomato on thick organic toast.

Three Egg Omelet: $17.9
Served with grilled tomato made with 3 free-range eggs on white toast.
Choose from any TWO fillings – ham, cheese, mushrooms, spinach or tomato (Extra fillings $1.5 each)

Mixed Berry Pancakes: (v) $12.5
Buttermilk pancakes served with mixed berry compote and Maple syrup.

Ham and Cheese Croissant: $9.5
1 Fresh baked croissant served with grilled tomato.

Tanja's Fruit Toast: $7.5
Two slices of organic fruit toast served with butter and jam.

White Toast: Two slices $6.5
Toasted Organic Seeded Rye $7.5

On organic seeded rye or gluten-free bread $3.9
EXTRAS (with any breakfast meal)- 
Bacon, sausage, mushroom, hash browns $4.5
Avocado, halloumi, baby spinach $4.0
Grilled tomato, hollandaise sauce $3.0
Egg $2