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Over 50 years of baking coming back home to Tanja's

From its beginnings as Wellington Point Bakery more than 50 years ago, the well-known and loved business has seen many changes and evolutions!

According to owners Monika and Gerhard Schoendorfer, the long and successful history of Tanja’s can be attributed to several factors, with quality being central to all levels of their service.

From the food and venue décor, through to the wonderful staff and management, quality is always a central theme! In all their kitchens, everything is made from scratch to ensure the best flavours and healthiest offerings moving through to your table.

Their exciting newest venture is the extension of the original Tanja’s into Tanja’s Crossianterie, right next door!

Here there are daily fresh baked goods, straight from the oven, bringing Tanja’s the full circle and returning them to their humble beginnings as the local bakery.

Tanja’s has always held their unique points of difference, with each offering pushing the boundaries, with new and exciting taste alternatives and free of artificial colours and flavours.

All top-quality ingredients are always sourced from their approved suppliers locally and where local is not possible, nationally and internationally, to bring you only the best!

Pop in anytime to experience the Tanja’s difference…

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